More information on plenaries, including speakers, is coming soon!

China and the World

Will the 21st century belong to China? How is China extending its influence in the third world? How will it impact the rest of the world and its power dynamics?


What are their benefits and harms? How have they changed commerce and transactions? How are countries and central banks evolving and even switching to cryptocurrencies?

Drug Legalization

Societies are already legalizing marijuana at growing rates. Does this provide more harms than benefits? As well, this opens the debate to legalizing other drugs. Where should governments/societies draw the line?

Earth Overburdened

What will we need to do to accommodate for a growing population on a planet with diminishing resources? GMO’s? New technology? Better policy?

Future of Feminism

How should the feminist movement act in order to progress? What needs development the most?

A Nuclear World

Are nuclear weapons still threats? Who should have access to them? How do they impact foreign relations and power dynamics?